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About Procamfix


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Our technicians are certified to perform Canon, Sony and Panasonic cameras and camcorders. Our technicians are seasoned, qualified, professionals with years of real world experience. All of our equipment is up-to-date on the latest technologies and solutions. You won’t find a better-qualified team of professionals elsewhere.

With Procamfix we ensure your unit will be repaired to factory specs. We not only offer repair of your unit we also analyze what caused the failure to help reduce additional repairs. We specialize in the complicated units that usually go back to the OEM. All units are static and dynamically tested and backed by our complete 90-day warranty. Normal turnaround takes 5 – 7 business days, rush repairs can be repaired the same day.

If you need your data recovered, we also specialize in recovery lost data as much as possible. Services that can extract data from dropped camcorders, deleted files, accidental formants and more.