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Yep, definitely worth repair your camcorder by Procamfix. I don’t think I’ll be trusting my camcorder to anyone else from here on out.
They’ve got a great process to keep you abreast of what’s going on with your camcorder. You’re automatically notified via email as any changes or updates have been made to your repair order. 5 stars alone for this piece of mind.

Art Babi, Zoo printing co.

They’re fast, they really know what they’re doing and they’re not out to get you. I got my camcorder back the same day. Shout out to Chris for being so awesome!

David Baghi

When my Sony EX3 handle broke, I looked up camcorder repair shops and chose this place. I wasn’t disappointed! They were great about keeping me updated on the repair timeline and they gave me my camcorder on third day. Excellent service , Fair price , Quick service.
Thank you Procamfix.

Steve Adams

Amazingly quick, extremely reasonable, would use again in a heartbeat!

Jully Brown

Liquid spills are one of those accidents whose outcome is most uncertain. It is hard to tell what the liquid has damaged without a thorough diagnosis.
This is probably the reason why Canon,Sony and most camcorder repairs find less time consuming (and more profitable) to simply tell you that your mainboard and other main parts have to be entirely replaced. They replace almost everything in your camcorder and you end up paying almost the same price you paid for the laptop itself.
Procamfix instead carefully checked what was damaged by the wine spill on my camcorder, and then replaced only the damaged parts (power board and sub board).

Trisha Gonzales

Highly Recommended
Excellent. Pleasant service and interaction.

Fredi H.
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